Our Team

Our Team is not limited to the leadership team but is an entire community.

Our Leadership Team

You likely know a bit about us and our mission, Rio’s Rainbow’s efforts are being driven forward by our leadership team below alongside countless individuals and Rainbow Warriors not listed individually. We are a driven community of rockstars all moving forward together with the common mindset and goal of bringing awareness and change to our school districts to


Nicole Ball | Co-Founder & Chairperson

Nicole Ball is Rio Allred’s mom and co-founder of Rio’s Rainbow in honor of her daughter. Nicole is a mother of two and has a burning desire to drive forward change in response to suicide prevention, bullying & inclusion at each level of public education. She aims to address these challenges moving forward on both a local and national scale through community involvement and efforts in education and legislation.

Aaron Ball | Co-Founder &

Chief Executive Officer

Aaron Ball is Rio Allred’s bonus dad and co-founder of Rio’s Rainbow in honor of his daughter, alongside his wife Nicole. Aaron is a father of four and fiercely impassioned to raise awareness and enact change in schools to address bullying, suicide prevention & inclusion. He is an Olweus coach and driven to enact change in his local community – expanding outward as quickly as possible to impact current generations. Aaron is focused on ensuring that all children can attend school without fear.

Kaila Parker | President

Kaila Parker brings over 10 years of digital advertising, branding & marketing experience and holds a degree in Advertising. She has led cultural & inclusion efforts within multiple agencies and is passionate about enacting change in schools to directly address bullying & diversity. Kaila is excited to do all that she can to mobilize the community in support of youth & teens.

Jessi Yost | Chairperson & School Liason

Jessi Yost was born & raised in Elkhart, Indiana. Jessi is a mother of four with children in the Elkhart County School System & is an Olweus coach. She has close ties to bringing awareness to and educating others about suicide prevention and the impact of bullying. She is easy to be a part of transforming how communities come together to save lives.

Kendra Dull | Treasurer

Over the last 20 years, Kendra Dull has served as operations and finance manager for a range of industries and holds an Accounting & Business Management degree. Kendra has a passion for positive mental health and student empowerment – she is excited to work with Rio’s Rainbow as the Treasurer to support the organization in staying organized and moving mental health related conversations forward.

Kimberly Varga | Secretary

Kimberly Varga brings over 25 years of experience as a Social Worker working within school systems, including within the Elkhart Community School district since 2010. She holds a masters in Social Work and has worked with inpatient, home-based and foster care services and therapy in addition to her work in the schools. Kimberly has worked as the Bully Prevention Coordinator in local schools for the last 13 years and is an Olweus coach. She is moved to change in her immediate environment for today’s generation and future students in all aspects of day to day life but especially within their education.

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