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Our efforts in 2022 have allowed us to partner with Oaklawn to provide support during the school year to 3 local middle schools. This program, Building Hope Week to Week, is an 8 week program cycle throughout the school year. The program teaches mindfulness, resilience, confidence and hope – this program also works with the parents of students. We launched Building Hope Week to Week in Elkhart area schools in November 2022. 

This program has allowed us to provide support directly to local children & their families! The initial feedback to this program has been a resounding success. The course was extended from a six week to an eight week program, students have overall shown an improvement in their attitudes. We are also finding that several students who signed up for the first sessions have returned and joined additional sessions! 

“In all seriousness, does this group have to end because I REALLY like it!”
“Can I come back? I miss it…”
Student Participants

Building Hope Week by Week

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